Valerie Dreggs


Valerie grew up in Farrow surrounded by many loved ones that encouraged her to seek out that which excited her. so she moved to Limisa for the promise of freedom and making something of yourself. Having the free spirit that comes from living in limisa, Valerie tends to go where the wind takes her; using her talent for readings to get by and make a living. Light hearted and always getting into trouble, you will often find her giving Tarot readings, star gazing, or looking for a dance partner.

Extra facts~

Name: Valerie Dreggs
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/They
RP Friendly: Yes
Preference: I am happy to entertain all (18+ is a must)

Valerie has a love for both being the photographer as well as the model She is always happy to offer her services for those with a bit of coin.~ Below is some examples of my old works I still have a fondness for.feel free to message me on discord at ViolentVioletNight#8541